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X'Trem Protect Visor V3 corresponds to a category III of personal eye protection.

It protects carriers from large droplets emitted immediately after a cough by a person nearby and facing the visor, but does not protect particles remaining in suspension. This visor has to be worn with adequate respiratory protections.


X’trem Protect Visor meets the essential health and safety requirements defined in European regulation EU 2016/425 and therefore bears the CE mark. The products have been developed in collaboration with the ALUTEC Testing Laboratory. Elements conforming to the EN 166 standard offer guaranteed minimum resistance of the visor against mechanical, chemical and UV radiation risks. X’trem Protect Visor resists abrasion and offers an anti-fog function meeting the requirements of EN 168: 2001.

10 X'Trem Protect Visor V3

SKU: 003
Structure color: White
  • Protection zone:
    Face and neck
    -Length: 180 mm
    -Height: 200 mm
    -Depth: 120 mm
    Screen thickness: 1.6 mm + 250 microns
    Screen tint: Colorless
    Weight: 80g

    For any wish for customization or product mix, please send your request by email to

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